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New Classes coming soon

Whether you have a nosey German Shepherd, a laid back lab or sniffy Spaniel, they all need to work - But with this weather we have been experiencing, that has been difficult. Its been hard enough just getting the dogs out for a normal walk, let alone be creative enough to fulfill them for the rest of the day.

This is where the games kick in - hide and seek the biscuit, feeding from a Kong or even rolling up a towel and let them find their rewards - all of these help. But after a week of enforced holiday, I dont know about you, I am ready to start new things with my dogs. The agility equipment is still stored away in the shed as the ground is either too hard or too soft, but the tunnel is coming out for them to practice in. May even set up a course going under the chairs in the kitchen. Have hidden a scent trail along the kitchen units for them to find and made a huge cardboard parcel of toys and treats for them to investigate. There are lots of things you can do to help your dogs and we will be exploring more at the classes which start back this week.

Here are some new classes some soon -

Reactive dogs club - South Harting Hall, nr Petersfield. Saturday 31st March 1 - 3pm and 5th May

Sunday morning activity group - Ryslip Kennels Sun 11th March 10 - 12


German Shepherd Club - Dates to be announced

Outdoor Scentwork and Tracking - Farnham 13th March 11am

Naughty But Nice - 12th May - Hambledon 10 - 12

Surrey Scentwork Closed Trial - 21st April

South Downs Scentwork for Beginners - 7th April 1 - 3pm at South Harting

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