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According to the news - dog walking is dangerous

According to BBC news today “Surgeons are warning dog owners not to wrap leads around their fingers or wrist because of the dangers of serious hand injury.

They say thousands of people could be at risk from lacerations, friction burns, fractures and ligament injuries.

There were 30 serious hand injuries caused by dog leads last year in Cornwall alone, the British Society for Surgery of the Hand said.”

Many of you will know that we are always checking to see if you are holding your lead properly. Now you know why. As professionals we see the injuries and have had a few ourselves. Nothing quite as serious as the one in the article that was in the BBC news today but still painful.

We know that with some dog’s it is difficult to walk them. Especially if your dog is reactive for whatever reason- fear, anxiety or even frustration.

Lead walking is an art which we need to practice every day.

If you need help then book a 121 appointment with us and come and practice safely.

We have 121 opportunities available on Thursday mornings

30th May or 13th June at Forestside

Friday 7th June morning at Droxford

Or Sunday 9th June late morning or early afternoon at South Harting or Hambledon in Surrey.

Don’t leave it to chance and suffer. Invest in learning the best way to control your dog. Book your place now and learn how 10 minutes a day will make all the difference to your daily walk.

Contact us now at

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Unknown member
Jun 22, 2022

Great blog, I enjoyed reading

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