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An English Oak is a perfect memorial for our dogs.

DOG owners in the Chichester area who would like to remember dogs they have loved and lost are being invited to plant a tree for them in a memorial garden.

Dog trainer Carol Ashworth and Robert Brown of Paw Paddock had the idea while chatting about how best to create some new fencing in the exercise field to help dogs enjoy the area better.

They decided on planting trees, then realised The Woodland Trust had launched The Big Climate Fightback initiative to encourage people to plant trees to help with climate change.

Carol and Robert are inviting owners who use the field who'd like to leave a lasting tribute to animals to donate to the Woodland Trust via the just giving page and they will plant a tree in the Memorial area at the Paw Paddock which is situated near Donnington in West Sussex.

Carol, 62, who runs the Walkabout Dog Training Academy, said: “Having said goodbye to 30 dogs, I always planted a rose bush in their memory. It meant I had a place I could go to and feel connected with them.

“I was talking to Robert Brown and he said he was planning to add some trees to provide some natural fencing between the paddock and the surrounding fields. He has donated the trees and the land as his support for the idea, so we will ask dog owners to donate direct to The Woodland Trust.

“We both thought it would be a lovely way for people to leave a lasting and very important legacy to dogs they had said goodbye to.

“By planting a tree in their memory in a place that other dogs go to play they could remember the happy times they had shared with their dog.

“And it helps create something that other animals will benefit from, and the environment, for many years to come.”

The Woodland Trust is asking everyone who can to help us fight for the future of the planet by being one in a million people pledging to plant a tree on 30 November 2019.

To take part in the tree planting at the memorial garden, contact Carol at

And if you would like to plant a tree at home or in a local park or wood, The Woodland Trust has a guide offering advice and support at:


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