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Catch it (and Fetch)


So many of our exercises will need us to reward our dogs from a distance so a useful thing to teach your dog is to Catch!

I usually start by tossing a few treats to your dog and ask them to catch.

Use some yummy treats – maybe some of their dinner and getting your dog to catch them.

Sit your dog in front of you and show them what you have got.

Toss a treat towards them and encourage them to catch it.

Repeat this several times and each time say the word “Catch”

Gradually increase the distance from your dog.

Now how about getting your dog to catch a ball – make sure that the ball is the suitable size for your dog!

If you like, wrap the ball in an old sock and get them to catch this.

Maybe throw a tuggy and get them to catch – haven’t got one? Make one from an old tea towel or small towel.


Now with your dog on lead, get them to go and fetch something and bring it back to you. Don’t throw it too far – make it easy.

Use a treat to let them give you the article back.

Have fun.


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