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Christmas holiday tips


It is such an exciting time for everyone, or stressful depending on your point of view, but we all must try a bit harder for our dogs over the festive season.

You must remember that your dog doesn’t know any different, so it is important to keep to a routine for your dog.  Here are some tips for you to follow:

Tell the guests and especially Children the house rules for your pet. Put a sign on the front door so that everyone checks where the dog is before opening it.

Walk your dog every day and make sure they have plenty of time to let off steam. It might be possible for you book a session in a secure field but get in quick as these slots will fill fast.  If not keep to your regular route and play with your dog whilst out.

While we talk about walking, be careful where you take your dog on Christmas day if they are little bit nervous or anxious.  It is well known that some people are not as aware as you, so they will not be paying attention.

What’s under the tree? Dog’s will know what’s there so be careful and maybe don’t leave anything that could harm him, under the tree.

Keep chocolate, drinks, sweets out of reach. Mince pies are poisonous

Be wary of scraps - bones can kill and over feeding will cause upset tums. Just what you need after a heavy day/night is to clear up after a sickly pet. Oh and what’s your vets number for Christmas cover??

Finally do not give rawhide - check the presents that you have been given for your pet. Some toys are just not suitable so maybe don’t give them to your dog?

Have a really lovely time everyone


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