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Crow games

We have a young crow visiting the garden. He is a real character and to begin with was being taught by his parent - his Mum maybe? You could watch as he learnt how to turn over the stones looking for insects under them. He saw his mum do it and then copied her. Stuart puts the stones back on the edging from the lawn and each day they are back again 🤣- just ready for the lawnmower to catch!

He has decided the hanging baskets are fair game and tore them to bits. The bird feeders have been knocked down from the stands every morning and he can often be seeing strutting up and down on the shed roof banging his beak on it. He has pecked away at the sealant around the Landrover sunroof and left that flapping about. He frequently attacks my neighbour’s windows and he is noisy thief. All this we have seen many times a day. But why has he decided that the windscreen of the cars are his personal slide? He slides down this and when he gets to the bottom, he goes to the top and does it again. This is repeated many times over but I can’t see why as apart from fun, he doesn’t gain anything. He certainly enjoys himself, drives Stuart crazy and is a right hooligan.

He reminds me of our teenage dogs that we see at our youth club on Saturday mornings- just so naughty but also fun. So many of my clients tell me that it seems like their puppy changes overnight and is now not listening. Bringing these dog’s together for some training sessions can be a challenge but we love to see them all together learning to focus on their owners. New members always welcome so get in touch soon. If you can’t make our Saturday morning sessions then check out the beginners scentwork classes on the website and find a way to get your adolescent dog to work with you. Here is the link again.

and watch out for the teenage crows🤣


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