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Did you see the news? Walking the dog keeps you fit and mentally healthy

According to the BBC news, there are groups being set up to help men talk whilst walking the dog. “Rob Osman helps men to open up about mental health by taking them on a dog walk.

He said dog walking had pulled him out of "years of suffering with depression" and now wants to share the space with other men who could also benefit. “

This has been a great success and as a dog trainer with over 30 years experience I know how true this is for both men and women.

The cost of not talking is high. Walking with or without a dog will help, but I know that if you are looking after another being, who to be honest is living in the moment, somehow things are not so bleak.

Over the years there have been times when having to walk my German shepherd dogs has forced me outdoors and helped me readjust my thinking. To be frank, I could get someone to take my young daughter to school and pick her up as I had good friends. But to walk 4 big dogs, that was my responsibility and so off we went. My well-being improved and by default so did the dog’s behaviour.

At Walkabout we never just consider the dog. We want to support the family as well, so will spend time talking and working with you to improve the dogs behaviour. If this means walking with you at some beautiful locations, then we do.

Our field trips are designed to help the dog, but everyone gains and we listen if it helps or we can just offer company. That’s up to you. January is well-being month so come and get fit with us and both of you will enjoy it.



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