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Distance Control - Teaching your dog to move into different positions

Lets teach your dog to move from one position to another while you stand away from them.

This is such fun thing to teach your dog and you start by having them on lead and beside you.

Now come around the front, so they are facing you.

Start with your dog in the sit

Tell them to stand – your dog should then move up into a stand, without moving towards you.

(I do this by pretending to throw a ball between the dogs legs - use a treat if you want to. Your dog should get up and move out the way for you)

Count to 5

Tell your dog to go into a Down. They should move to lie flat on the floor.- without them moving towards you!

If you have already taught them to lie down by raising your hand to your head - then use this to help your dog understand.

Count to 5

Then back up into a Sit.

The reason for the gap between each move is to that you can reward your dog. - you go to them to reward

Repeat the whole thing and see if they move quicker?

Now do it once more and then reward with a huge handful of treats.

Lead off and play time.

Next day:

Start as you did yesterday but see if you can stand a bit further away from your dog.

Go through the whole routine three times.

Remembering to reward as your dog gets it right.

Next day:

Try and get your dog to do the whole routine while you are standing at the end of the lead.

Don’t worry if they get confused, simply move closer and reward when they get it right.

There is no rush, its just a bit of fun, but eventually you should be able to stand leads length away and your dog will go through the routine without moving towards you.

Introducing Hand Signals

Ok, so then you start again right next to your dog, but this time add a hand signal as well as the word. Eventually after a number of repetitions, your dog will be following your hand signals.

What are your hand signals?

Sit – move your hand up towards your eyes as in the Watch command

Down – place your hand on your head

Stand – move your hand towards your dog as if throwing a ball at them.

Now move further away and repeat.

Finally go leads length away and drop the lead onto the floor. Now go through the whole routine and finish up with a jackpot reward.

When you are feeling confident, try the routine outdoors in the garden, remembering to start at the very beginning again.

Why not take the routine out on a walk and see how your dog is doing?


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