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Do you have a champion tennis ball boy or girl?

Do you have the next Championship ball boy or girl? Wimbledon starts on Monday and I have the best dog ever for finding lost tennis balls - just as well as I am terrible at tennis!

The thing is Barney had a bad start before I rescued him and still struggles with people. Dogs are fine but they usually have a owner with them. Which means I have had to get him focus on a job and with him, it is finding tennis balls!

He doesn’t just find them, he can find lost keys, purses and other items. You see to help him work with me, I taught him Scentwork- I gave him a job. Do you have a dog that would like to learn?

Over the past few years I have used Scentwork to help dogs and their owners build bonds by using their noses. It’s a chance to work as a team, to build confidence and get dogs brains working. It’s all inclusive, everyone can do it unlike agility which is great for those who are fit and young at heart but we can’t all do that. Getting a dog to use their nose is great fun and easy to practice at home.

Next Saturday afternoon at 1:30 I have just a few spaces left for some new dogs to attend a workshop and develop their confidence in working with you, their owner.

Want to find out more? Contact me today


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