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Don’t rush things

This week I have been once again disappointed to hear that some rescue organisations are encouraging new owners to get training as soon as their new dog arrives. By all means, ask for help and advice, but please don’t attend any classes and don’t put any pressure on you both as you begin to get to know each other.

Sadly, the dog I heard about this week, over reacted and has been returned to rescue for the “~~~~~” time. Actually, all he probably only needed some decompression time and certainly not a walk on the beach? I know we all want to help our new dog settle, but this really means keeping them quiet and let them get to know the house rules, your family and garden.

Of course you need to take them for a walk, but why not book a secure field and have some time in a safe space where you can both relax. Not sure where to find one? Check out the website here for some contacts:

If you are local to me then I can highly recommend one of the leaders on this up-and-coming businesses who now has six secure fields and each one will be safe and secure for you and your dog, parking inside the double gates and plenty to amuse them or just space to play. Check out Paw Paddock for more information. They have just announced new fields opening at Farnham and Horsham to make it 6 sites to visit so why not check them out.

Take it slowly and and learn all about your new dog Reach out for help and advice but don’t rush things. Your dog will thank you for it.

German Shepherd on agility equipment


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