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Have you a favourite breed of dog?

Do you just love their.... what is it that makes you love them?

I have had over 30 dogs and most of these are German Shepherds and many of these have been rescues.

Having taught and worked with so many different breeds, and they are all different but the German Shepherd has taught me so much:

Focus - Brook loved the idea of a yellow rubber duck and it would distract him from other things.

Gratitude - Katie would love the chance of a cuddle when no one else was looking(especially her older siblings)

Patience - Heidi would wait for all the younger dogs to go outdoors before she went out.

Hopeful - Troy aways looking for the next scrap of food. He had a dietary disorder and was always hungry.

Peaceful - Ben spent his life calming other dogs down. His presence made sure that all dogs shows self control. He didn’t have to anything but being there calmed everything down.

Acceptance- Zytta was stoic. She just allowed things to happen and went everywhere with us. So long as she was with us, it was okay.

Loyalty- Venn adored my daughter as she was only 4 when he joined us and loved her completely.

Obedient- Jette was my teaching dog and visited the local school to meet all the children. She taught them and they taught her.

Lovable - Freya was just the ideal dog. You could take her anywhere and do anything with her. She loved everyone.

Resilient- Fina so quick to learn and eager to please and loved a cuddle. She bounced back from many illnesses to keep loving

Showman - Putz who was a dream in the show ring and a gentleman outside of it.

Determined- Gretel with her total lack of hip sockets but still kept up with the other dogs and was never left behind.

Considerate- Skye with her gentle nature with puppies and children but capable of telling off the over ardent adolescent male.

Scared but loyal - Barney who has such a wretched start and has guided me to understand the scared dog and how to help others.

What have your dogs taught you?

If you would like to learn more about what dogs teach and how you can help others learn from their dog then our next training and instructors course starts in January so why not find out more and join us as we learn what are dogs are teaching us.


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