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Have you got a brand new puppy?

A new German Shepherd puppy? A feisty Border Collie? A super new Gun dog?

All of these wonderful dogs need to be taught the basics, guidelines to becoming a wonderful family pet. Dog Training is so important.

Pre-Start your Puppy Programme with our Diamond Package

We all know how important it is to start off correctly with our new puppy.

We want them to settle into our family, but oh dear it can be a confusing time.

What better than to have your own personal coach who you can call on for help at any time over the first few weeks.

I have been training and helping owners with their dogs for over 30 years and now have some simple ways of showing your new puppy what to do when they live with you.

Book a Diamond Puppy Package from the Walkabout Dog Training Academy and you will have:

A 121 Home visit to your own home where we can discuss all those many questions you will have whilst introducing your new family member to your way of life. – We encourage you to make a list so we can work though it with you. The visit will be full of practical advice and information and this can include all the family or just the main carer – whatever suits you.

Then you join us at our social classes (depending on what part of the country you are) for 4 x 1 hour outdoor training sessions within a group of like-minded people and their dogs. Please note that these will not just be puppies as we encourage all dogs to learn together – the older ones will give the puppies confidence and bring balance to the group.

We keep our groups small though and there is plenty of help on tap for you.

All dogs are on lead and they will learn:

How to walk nicely on the lead

How to meet and greet nicely

How to come back when called

How to walk past other dogs quietly and avoid problems

How to start to understand dog’s body language

Along with lots of practical help, advice and support

Be sure also to sign up for our up to date newsletters on the website,

which will give you up to date information and latest event details.

Contact me now to book your first visit.


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