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He’s nothing like my last dog!

“This dog isn’t anything like my previous dog. I have tried so hard to get it right. Doing all the same things as I did last time. It doesn’t seem right, why hasn’t this dog turned out the same?”

German Shepherd Puppy

I do hear this a lot and I do understand but then I remember that every single one of my 32 gsds has been different. I have even had litter sisters and boy were they different. Fina was a firebrand and Freya, well bless her she wasn’t that bright. A lovely girl but difficult to train as she just didn’t get it.

Expecting to train the dog you currently have, exactly like the dog you previously had can often be the biggest problem. Why?

They aren't the same dog even if the same breed. Even if the age is similar, I bet you the energy levels are different and maybe the temperament.

And then there’s the owner. No matter how we try, we are different than we were when we first got our previous dog Life has happened and our knowledge, ability and energy levels have changed if nothing else.

We have to adapt and enjoy the dog in front of us and not keep referring back to other dog.

Some dogs aren't as bright as their siblings or predecessors.

Food for thought? If you need help then please don’t struggle on your own. I have plenty of experience with this and ways to help. Why not take a look at my new training packages and find the help you are looking for.

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Carol Ashworth
Carol Ashworth
Sep 22, 2019

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