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How are you? Hows your dog?

Hello, how are you?

Is your dog behaving well for you? Or are they are missing classes and the social interaction with their mates? It has been difficult for everyone, I know, and I am hearing on a regular basis, how the dogs are beginning to be a bit mischievous, barking too much, naughty even? I hear you and that is why I have organised some venues where I can work with you to help your dog.

Is anything worrying you, or do you think they just need a run about with another safe dog? Skye is ready to meet up and is used to meeting all ages and breeds.

My waiting list is now open for 121 meetings with myself and Skye to help you. These will be held on private land and naturally we will observe all social distancing procedures. Each session lasts about an hour and we can cover a lot of ground during this time. We can also offer 121 scentwork sessions especially as we cannot do any class work for now.

A one-off session costs £65 or three sessions is £165 and this includes the cost of the venues I am using. There currently 4 private venues that I can use, so hopefully there is one near you.

My next appointments are from Monday 1st June -so apply today for 40% off three sessions. Don’t leave it too late to contact me as I will only see one dog per day to protect everyone.

Although I was hoping to be able to open up lessons at Queen Elizabeth Country park soon, it does look like it is going to be a few more weeks before we can. As the country starts to come out of lock down, classes will have to change in any case. I am working on a plan to make it work but in the meantime, get in touch if you want to meet up.

We have had some fun competitions over the last two months - a writing competition which led us to read some wonderful stories about rescue dogs and their families. We hope to publish these in a little book later in the year. And just this week, we collected together some amazing photos of some Lock down dogs who have definitely kept us smiling. Check out the results here

Stay safe and if you haven't already checked out my lockdown tips, then do pop over and have a look. Some interesting challenges for you there.


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