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How to start Scentwork with your dog

Oh boy hasn't it got grim outdoors? Somehow the sunshine we had in the summer seems to have faded into a distant memory and now we have to stay indoors with all the Government guidelines. Didn't seem quite so bad when the sun was shining as we could take our dogs for lovely lazy sunny walks. Now if we get out at all, its is so dreary and wet and muddy - so after a walk, who wants to play with their dog. Not many of us, I bet.

This is where you can go back and follow my scentwork tips and learn how to teach your dog how to work with you to find food to begin with. Here are the links to the pages explaining how to teach your dog the basics.

and then you can move onto teaching them to look for a specific scent - we use cloves to begin with so make sure you add them to your next shopping list. Here is the link to the next stage.

Scentwork is the generic term for the type of sniffing that we see with our search and rescue dogs, our explosive search dogs or maybe the drug sniffing dogs we meet at the airport or see on the television. They are all taught the same way and this is how they start. It is all a game and the dogs love it. Apart from the fact that they are working with us, they are also using their brains. releasing endorphins in their heads which makes them feel so much better. Whilst working with the rescue dogs over the summer, the most common thing I heard was, he/she doesn't stop sniffing! Well yes, they want to learn all about their new surroundings and this helps them feel secure, and the sniffing helps them rest in a better way. The sleep they get is so much deeper and restores their energy.

Why not take a look at my training tips and find ways to help your dog relax . And if you need a quick way to help your dog relax, then use the Sprinkles training as a quick and easy way to make a start. Here is the link

Perfect if you need a quick fix before visitors arrive or you need some peace and quiet !

Let me know how you get on and if you need some help, contact me and we can talk you through some more ways to progress.


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