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Is using a secure field a cop out?

Talking to a group of dog trainers and owners over the weekend, I was wondering if some dog owners are forgetting to train their dogs to walk on lead.

With so many people now using the secure fields to exercise their dogs, there is less need to use a lead. However, if your young dog has only learnt that they can run off lead and not interact with you on a walk, then what have they learnt?

What happens when you need to use a lead to walk your dog? Go to the vets? Groomers? On a journey and need to exercise your dog at a strange place?

If you want to use a secure space to exercise your dog, then do but why not use the various areas around the field as sites to interact with your dog. At our lifestyle classes we teach you different things to do with your dog on your walk. It makes it so much more fun for you both. Your dog learns that you are their best friend. Someone to turn to you for help and fun. They tend to listen to you better. It makes walking on a lead so much easier as your wants to be with you.

We have another outdoor lifestyle class on Wednesday morning near Elstead and as we work outdoors, a great opportunity to practice in a safe area with inbuilt distractions.

If you can’t make Wednesday then how about Sunday morning? Get in touch now to book your place.

And please teach your dog to walk nicely on a lead.


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