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Is your dog bored?

Now that we are keeping our back doors shut thanks to this dreadful rain and wind, you may find that your pups are feeling restricted and maybe bored.

Maybe there’s a bit more noise? Chewing?

Are they noticing people passing the house more and barking?

Struggling to use the phone, as your pup wants to join in?

Now is the time to look at what you can teach indoors:

Why not take a look at my scentwork page for beginners? It gives a complete 7 day programme to teach your dog the beginning of using their nose and working with you. Each day is only about 10 – 20 minutes long, so you can fit it around your break if you are still working from home, or when you stop for a break from all your chores. Look for more information and see if this will help your dog rest and sleep a deeper sleep. Here’s the link:

Here are some other useful links for you to take a look at:

Snufflemats: Use these to help your dog find his kibble or treats. As the people at Ruffle Snuffle would say” A ruffle snuffle mat is simple and fun to use – just shake vigorously, sprinkle on food, ruffle into the fleece and watch your pet snuffle it out.

• Brilliant boredom buster

• Perfect for slowing down fast eaters

• Ideal for pets on cage rest after injury or illness Animals love to search for food and treats and our Ruffle Snuffle™ rug has lots of soft fleecy folds which are perfect for noses of all shapes and sizes. The hunt for food provides excellent physical and mental stimulation as well as giving you a chance to play ‘hide and seek’ with your cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit or even horse.

My friends at Training Lines have a great range of fun things to do with your dog both indoors and out. Why not take a look who are your one-stop shop for dog training accessories and activity products.

Nicola Cole at Strictly Fun Dog Dancing offers a great online course to teach your dog some doggy dancing and tricks. Why not take a look?

Have fun with your dog and do something with them every day. Go on they deserve it and you will get a great benefit from it too – even if there’s less noise!

Any problems, just give us a call and we can talk through some other ideas or make an appointment to work though some ideas here at the centre.

Call me on 0239 241 2652


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