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It's all about balance

Over the past few days I have been reading and watching how several of my colleagues are receiving enquiries about how to stop normal dog behaviour!

It is very sad to read that new dog owners are being unrealistic about their dog's behaviour. They don't seem to realise that many times the behaviour they want to stop are just dogs being dogs. Although it may not be acceptable to you - the owner or maybe to the other dog's owner, it is normal for your dog. If we don't teach our dogs how we want them to behave, enrich their lives and give them plenty to do especially if they are a working dog breed, then you must all know the saying "idle hands find work to do" - well that applies to our dogs too. Especially our young dogs, who need guidance, and boundaries. This is why our youth club is so popular, we explore lots of ways for your dog to learn new things and share some of our training ideas with you.

New course starts 23rd October so get in touch soon.


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