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It’s National walk your dog month

And everyone is being encouraged to get themselves and their pets fit.

Great idea and I am joining in with Skye and Barney but like so many of my clients I have to be careful now where I walk my dogs. For too many times now I have unruly and over friendly dogs rush up and try to jump all over my dogs and I know I am not alone. For too long, I hear it’s alright he’s friendly! Well it’s not alright. Yes Skye knows how to handle herself, having met and greeted many dog’s when they are being assessed but not so much Barney who has issues

As a dog trainer who specialises in German Shepherds, and have lived and worked with over 30, I understand that most dogs do not like to have their space invaded. And if you have a dog that’s unsure, they are more likely to react. German shepherds will react with barking and lunging. That’s why the police and services use them. Yes they are trained to do this under control through training but this is because they are shaping a natural instinct. It is up to us as owners to protect them.

Need help? Contact me today and we can work together to help your dog achieve its potential.

Field trips- walk out with us to local areas, parks or woods.

House calls - I will visit you and we can work together to get to the source of the problem

Training packages - sometimes we need to have a range of different ways to help you so our packages are designed to cover all eventualities.


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