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It’s nearly May time

It is now well over 2 years ago that I started to train dogs for Scentwork and it is so exciting to see so many now really enjoying this activity. Some super results coming through and more due very soon, I am sure. This is an all inclusive sport - no one is left out from the puppy to the veteran dog. And those of less able bodied can join in too - such a relief not have to run about and yet still wear our dogs out. And sleep - they sleep so much better now.

Saturday comes along and Wow what a fantastic group of dogs at the advanced class this morning. Special mention to Febe who was sporting a new haircut :-) and thanks to Lyn who brought us fizz and chocs to celebrate Google's success a couple of weeks ago. Such a lovely group of dogs who worked their paws off to please their Mums. Good luck to everyone taking part in trials in the next few days and we will see you all again in two weeks time. I am so lucky to be working with such a cracking group - thank you

Then later on, what a fantastic afternoon working with some inspirational owners and their dogs. Most of these dogs have only just started on their scent journey but are already showing great potential. Many of these dogs have had many challenges but as soon as they focus on their job - they excel. Cant wait to see what they will achieve next and maybe enter their first trial. See you in two weeks time.🐕⭐️

So not only did we all have fun with our dogs, the dogs also had fun.  So many of the dogs we see at our behavioural clinic have no structure.  Often this is because, misguidedly, their owners want their dog to have some freedom - see them run about and have fun.  Then they realise when it all goes wrong, they, the owner have no control ;-(  As we explain, in order to have freedom, the dogs (like us) need structure and boundaries so the fear goes away.  More of this later but check out the life skills classes to find out how you can simply give your dog the freedom you always wanted to give them. 


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