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It’s the searching not the finding

It has now been proven that dogs enjoy and benefit from the searching more than the find! So let’s get them sniffing…….

Here is an easy way to start:

Get yourself some yummy treats cheese or ham slices are good.

1. Cut them into small pieces and then with your dog out of sight place them at different places around your kitchen. (How about sticking them to chair legs or kitchen cupboard doors?) Start with 10 pieces

2. Bring your dog into the kitchen and say “Find it.”

3. Step back and watch your dog use its nose to find some instant rewards.

4. Do it again but with 7 pieces maybe in some of the same places and some different

5. Last time just 4 pieces but in totally different places to before.

Repeat daily until your dog is keen.

Then do in various places. Maybe hide the food in shoeboxes or pieces of luggage?

Join one of our classes and learn how to teach more difficult searches or maybe find out how to move up the grades with us.


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