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Jumping Up - How to help your dog stop

Have you thought about why a dog jumps up? What are they doing?

Well, I believe in many case your dog is asking what to do – as a very young puppy, they learnt that jumping up at their parent, food was regurgitated, and they got what they needed. Then as they got older, Mum would stop them, and they learn the power of the “NO” In cases like this, is your dog asking you what to do because they don’t know? If this is so then, we really shouldn’t be telling them off and certainly not: kneeing them in the chest, stamping on their feet or other archaic ideas. I can’t really believe that some people are still doing this but apparently they are ☹

At our beginner’s socialisation course, we do cover all the problems that an owner can experience as their youngster grows up but mostly, we work on building bonds between us and our dog. By working on this and being consistent, clear and concise with our instructions, then our dog knows where they stand. Think of your dog as confused when they jump up and they need help. It is up to us to help them.

Having worked with many thousands of dog owners throughout the Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex areas and seen what is happening within the breeds, I do know that there are a lot of unhappy dogs out there. Yes, they are loved, fed and watered but when it comes to the dog’s mental health, I think we still have a way to go.

Constant exercise is not the answer either – some of the dogs I see, cannot rest, cannot be left and need to be taught this before we start. Other dogs are being left in indoor kennels for far too long, because of lack of time to be trained. The kennel is a lovely tool to help you as you teach your dog how to behave, but it should never be used as the place to dump the dog as you haven’t time to deal with the surplus energy a young dog has, usually because it is either over or more likely under stimulated mentally. Our Buddy needs things to do – and this can also mean – go and chew your bone on your bed, while I take this call or make the tea.

If you are experiencing major challenges with your young dog and need some help and support, then do get in touch soon. Our Back to Basics, - a beginner's guide to socialisation course starts the beginning of June, so not long for you to sign up for 4 weeks support and help. And its on Saturdays, so those of you working during the week, can take advantage of wearing out your dog at the start of the weekend. Why not join us - sign up here!


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