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Let’s talk about chasing

Well all dogs can do it after all it’s a natural thing to do and we all think it’s very cute to see that young puppy without young dog chasing after a butterfly or a leaf but this is just really practice for when they need to catch their own prey.

So it’s a natural instinct and some would say why should we stop it.?

Well many of my clients come to me to say they can’t stop their dogs chasing after another dog and the screaming barking and everything that goes on it’s associated with that is very traumatic. Or we get the case of the young dog that chases the children up the stairs nipping at its heels of their heels. Of course the dog gets a reward from this. So what to do?

Well, one thing you mustn’t do is get our dog to chase after balls or frisbee as all we are doing is helping them practice. We want our dogs to play with us but we need to be careful what we’re teaching. This is one way I teach it and the dogs love it

  • Have your dog sit by your side, hold onto its collar and then throw the ball. Tell them to wait and do not let the dog chase after the ball. Wait until it has come to a standstill and then send your dog to go and pick it up. There you go, a new game.

  • If you’re really clever you can get them to bring it and sit in front of you, drop the ball and then you throw the second ball - another game.

  • Why not throw both balls, and send your dog after just the one you tell them to get?

  • Send it to the side or behind you?

  • Some of my clients have been really clever and they actually teach the dogs to drop the ball into a box at their feet and this is the start of teaching your dog to put their toys away.

Have fun but most of all teach your dog to wait and not to chase.


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