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Lets teach your dog to lie down quickly!

Can you get your dog to lie down quickly?

How about with your hands on your head?

Does your dog know what the word down is?

I start this by getting my dog to lie in it’s bed.  Say Down, put your hand on your head and reward. Repeat 3 times.

Next time:

Arm yourself with some yummy treats.

Sit yourself down, put your hands on your head.  Say “Down”

Wait for your dog to offer you a down and as soon as they do, toss them a treat.  If they get up, then just put your hand back on your head and wait to reward.

Repeat three times.

Then try it without saying anything

Great party trick - but more important is that your dog is watching you and wants to please.

Now repeat on your walk - keep your dog on a lead at all times. You can include this in your circuit training.

Gradually increase distractions but always reward and always have fun with them.


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