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Life skills for the family dog

Congratulations, it was so good to see so many people join us at our new venue today and didn't the dogs do so well?

It was so rewarding to see all the dogs interacting with their owners but I know it was a lot to take in - so here is a little review for you as reminder.

To begin with we were looking at how it is so important to have our dog engaged with us when we go on a walk.  Yes the walk needs to be enriching for them, but they need to know who is the decision maker.  No point if you are not paying attention too.  The dog walk should be a rewarding process for you and your dog - it's your time to unwind and forget all the things you should be doing instead and naturally put your phone away.  Even chatting away to somebody else is not paying attention to our dog.  So when they get distracted it is usually because we haven't been paying attention.  I know it is so easy to do - it happens to me all the time - so don't beat yourself up, but if you can at least spend 10 minutes engaged with your dog - then they will want to play with you and not run off to that other dog.

So how do we do that - well by using play - treats or toys are fine but use them to engage their attention.  By that I don't mean just throwing the ball or frisbee - but get them to bring it back to you so you can do it again.  Then add some extras in - get them to pay attention and wait while you throw the ball - wait and wait again - and then once its still - send your dog to get your ball and bring it back for another go.  Add in some sits and downs - stays whatever you want and you can see how - the training goes along with the play.  Now you are much more fun and you have forgotten about that darn bill that hasn't been paid or the telephone call you have been putting off?

We also practised using the attention seeking whilst we walked past other dogs and also allowing other dogs to pass us.  If you remember we also got all the dogs to work together as a team and that was great to see them doing this.

So lots to practice with your dog and have fun with them.  We do hope you can join us again in two weeks time on 19th May at 10am.  Why not bring a friend with you next time and you get a thank you bonus of 10% off your training fee.  Or why not sign up for 4 sessions and save £5 per session.  £100 secures your place for the next 4 meetings - Can't make the next four - well use it within 6 sessions and we can honour it but do make sure you book the actual dates as we want to keep numbers low so we all can enjoy our visits.  Payment through the same account details as before is fine please and  be sure to let me know what dates you are booking for.

By the way the fees go up in June - so this is a perfect way for you to

a) secure a place on your chosen weeks

b) save some money

c) recommend a friend and you both save - and yes it can apply to a block of 4 sessions but it has to be for the same dog each time.

Thanks for joining us today, be good to hear what you thought and hope to see you again on the 19th May. - same place and time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend



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