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New Scentwork Beginners Class

Exciting News – New Scentwork beginners class starts again on 16th March at 2pm

Why not join us at the South Harting hall, near Pease Croft, South Harting GU31 5LB for 2 hours every alternate week for three sessions for a beginner’s course covering all aspects of the basics of scentwork. Once your dog understands the basics, you can go onto teach all types of searching exercises and perhaps join our Scavengers group and have fun searching areas. As we use the same methods as a dog that has been taught to be a customs and excise search dog or a medical detection dogs, there is no reason for you to go onto a new career, or maybe become a member of the search and rescue groups that we have around the area. Maybe too much? Well why not join the many dogs and owners who have taught their dog to search and go on to take part in trials throughout the country or just have fun with you dog when go for walks. The basics give you the options and a perfect start but be careful it is addictive.

6 hours of training with our Scentwork UK trainer and judge costs just £95 at our classes – you can be assured of some fun, support and laughter – hope to meet you on the 16th March.


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