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Over the past two weeks I have been sharing my Lockdown dog school tricks and training

For those who haven’t followed it or want to check back, here is the link to the pages again. They will be available for another week and then we will move on.

Why not send in your photos and videos of your dogs taking part and we can share them on the sites.

It’s now 5 weeks since many of us met and I am sure that your dogs have enjoyed having you at home, constant access to the garden and the treat box? But do have a think of how they will cope when things return to a more normal routine. Will your dog cope? Or do you need to think a bit harder to help them? Let me know and give me a call if you want to chat through some ideas of to help dog during the changeover. It is best to use my mobile number 07825 210401 and if leaving a message, please say who you are ;-)

Finally, we launched our photo competition this week and this is open to all dogs so do take part. Here is the link:

Thanks and let’s hope we can meet up soon



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