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Perfect puppy owners apply here

I have just received an email from my friend Dom Hodgson about the benefits of building a great bond with your puppy. Here is what he has to say:

“The main thing I remember from Sue’s classes was how she stressed how crucial it is for you have a strong bond with your puppy.

If you want to own a dog who is easy to look after and a pleasure to take to the park then you need to be more than just an owner who watches him play with his doggy friends. You need to be the provider, teacher, friend and the playpal your puppy loves spending time with.

If you do that your puppy will look to you for everything and be a doddle to look after. This certainly proved to be the case with Sidney.”

And I can guarantee that Sidney is an ideal companion for Dom as he travels the country helping business owners grow.

I am delighted to see that more and more people are taking our message on board of focusing on getting our dogs to work with us as we enrich their lives. No worries about walking off lead, as your dog wants to be with you and not “over there worrying another family, bullying another dog or being chased”

That doesn’t mean they won’t play with other dogs but they choose to be with you. You are their best friend and it means you can go everywhere with them. But as your dog is also full of confidence they will happily settle and wait for you to return. Just what you need isn’t it?

Training for this starts as a puppy and I encourage you to check out my Perfect puppy program and or the Elite classes which help and guide you over the weeks as your puppy grows.

But I haven’t got a puppy, I hear you ask? Well check out our rescue dog package or lifestyle package. All designed just for you and your dog.

All my packages are designed to help just you and your dog. So I can work with you to help your dog develop into your perfect companion. Even in the group sessions we work together for the best of your dog.

I now spend most of my time teaching dog trainers so my clients I work with are all hand picked. This ensures that you have my full attention working with your dog and we get results.

Remember a well trained dog is a pleasure to own.

Where do you want to take your dog?

When shall we start? I have just 2 spaces left this month so call me today and we can get going.

Call me now:




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