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When the weather is this warm, we all struggle and should be doubly aware of what our dogs can cope with.

We have cancelled our classes as it is too hot to ask owners to bring their dogs out to the training area, even though this is shaded.

Find other things to do with your dog – searching, hide and seek, scentwork when its cooler, but today they can really just relax in the shade.

Here are some things to watch out for when you are caring for your dog.

1. Keep cool yourself – there is not point in you suffering in the heat – so factor 30, use the shade, cover up and be sensible and you can then look after your dependents including your dogs.

2. Now what about our dogs with health issues. Oh, and those wearing the cone of shame 😉 They will struggle to drink as much they should so be aware.

3. We all know that puppies have no sense and will lay out in the sun, all day if they can – so it is up to you to prevent this.

4. Older dogs need to be kept cool as they love to warm their bones in the sunshine but will find it difficult to get up and move into the shade.

5. Offer shaded areas and if need be, barricade them in with plenty of fresh water.

6. Keep the water bowls full of fresh water – in the shade.

7. Don’t walk them – it isn’t necessary but if they wont toilet in the garden – quick scoot up the road, driving if necessary, as the tarmac will be melting, to the local rec for a quick sniff etc. And then back home. But surely now is the time to seriously consider teaching them to go in the garden?

8. And whilst talking about using the car – does the air conditioning reach the boot where your dog is? Probably not, so think about cool/damp towels for them to lie on or don’t take them out at all.

9. Be aware when you are stationary in traffic – the sun is heating up the boot – now is the time to think seriously about where you are going.

Yesterday, in all that heat, I saw several people taking their dogs shopping – seriously? NO don’t leave them in the car – leave them at home.

Today with the temperature hitting the mid 30’s, we have seen dogs being walked across the path by the estuary – old dogs panting; overweight dogs that kept stopping every few yards, and one black Labrador was with a young group of people who let him lay out in the sun for over half an hour whilst they had they lunch.

Why do people do it? They don’t think. Sad isn’t it?

Enjoy the sunshine folks but be aware and please share.

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