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Please keep our fields clean

Over the past few months, I have been privileged to be able to use some of the local secure fields to train and walk dogs. This has been so helpful for me and also my clients.

Many of these are now using them on a regular basis and are joining the army of dog owners who use the fields daily to exercise their dogs. If you haven’t already checked one out, why not take a look at this website for details of one nearby.

There are many reasons to use a secure dog field. You have it for your personal use, so you can relax and so can your dog.

  1. Maybe you need to introduce a new dog to your dog a perfect place to do so.

  2. Maybe your dog won’t come back every time it’s called and recall is a problem. These fields are secure so they cannot run off.

  3. You can practice your dog training advice that has been shown to you

  4. Or maybe you have a dog that seems to get picked on by every other off lead dog? Nice to give your dog some peace and quiet in their walk.

However there is a problem brewing within this community and I wanted to mention it before we all loose these valuable spaces. Sadly, there are a few who are becoming lazy and not clearing up after their dogs. I know a lot of people wouldn’t dream about not cleaning up when out and about but there is a small and growing number who aren’t bothering at these fields. Yes there is possibly a chance we might miss one in the long grass but I am now picking up 4/5 lots per visit as well as my own dogs! It has been mentioned that as a dog is fed raw, it breaks down quickly so doesn’t matter! Maybe, but still not nice for the next family using the field, is it? So please clear up immediately and watch your dogs.

All the fields have several bins and many also have supplied bags- but as a dog owner you should have your own, so there is no excuse. Using these places is a privilege so please clear up so we can all continue to enjoy using them. If you want some ideas of what to do with your dog, take a look at my website with ideas of things to do when out on a walk - and I don’t mean just throwing the ball!

Back in the late ‘80’s I was part of the campaign to promote Responsible Dog Ownership and in 1990, we went all around the country, worked with ITV and the daily newspapers raising awareness of our responsibilities as dog owners to clean up after our dogs. It was a great campaign and worked. We raised lots of money but more importantly by using our dogs, we shared with non dog owners, how well behaved, a dog could be and the many benefits of owning one. I would hate to think that during the recent pandemic we have lost this. Are people becoming lazy or distracted? You only have to see all the litter left at beauty spots and beaches. We must do our bit. Sadly it’s not just at the fields, that people aren’t clearing up after their dogs!

Keep an eye on your dogs, use these wonderful places to engage and enjoy your dogs. Play with them and teach them and the bond you have will grow and get stronger. Many of the secure fields have been so well thought out, with equipment to use and play on. Many have shelter if the weather turns bad as well. I know that many of us a very grateful for these fields and dont want to lose them.

There are great opportunities to take photos at these fields ans as it’s National photograph your dog day on the 26th July, why not get creative. So get sharing them with everyone, especially the field owners who have worked so hard to create these spaces.

Oh, and can I make a small appeal to those smokers out there, please don’t leave your stubs on the fields or pathways. Some dogs will eat anything and make them very ill. Seriously you shouldn’t be smoking while out walking the dog, but if you do - take your stubs home - it could even be fire risk if not a vet visit for a fellow field user. Please think carefully about this and help to keep these wonderful resources clean. Thank you and enjoy your dog.


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