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Reactive dogs are such hard work

Reactive dogs are hard work but so rewarding. So many times I hear that he can be so good at home and then suddenly out of nowhere, he lunged at another dog 😩

Well honestly it wasn’t out of the blue, it was because a number of things happened and the triggers stacked up. You’ve heard of the final straw that broke the donkeys back - well it’s the same with our dogs. Things/stress build up over a period of time and then the dog “explodes”

So we need to think about two things with these dogs - reduce their stress by finding quiet places to walk/ practice and have a plan of what to do if things go wrong.

At our lifestyle classes we can offer you a place to practice and offer support for you and your dog. No need to panic as we have plenty of space for everyone and we can show you what to do to help your dog when things don’t go to plan.

Using our expertise and knowledge we share with you our ways that have helped so many different dogs and their owners

Prices start from £50 for the first visit


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