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Recall your dog - my top 4 tips to help

To make sure you always get your dog back every time you want them you need a bond. It is this bonding I can help you with.

These are 4 things I have found help:

1. Respect - Pay attention to what your dog is doing. Time with your dog is not the time to check your phone for the latest news. Do something with them and be fun to be with.

2. Trust - this works both ways Don’t get cross if they do it wrong, teach them the right way and keep doing it.

3. Consistency - don’t keep changing the rules or instructions. It’s not clever and will just add to the confusion. If your dog won’t come back, then please keep it on a lead until it will, every time. Otherwise use a secure field, your garden even and teach them how much fun it is to be with you.

4. Practice - everyday and every walk. Buddy wasn’t let off the lead for 6 months apart from in safe spaces. Even now it is us who decides to let him off and in a new place we teach him first - with rewards/payment for doing a good job. By the way that’s not always food- a game and praise work just as well because we have built the bond first.

If you need help teaching your dog and want some individual support whilst you do so, then why not join us soon. We are delighted to be able to help some fantastic dogs develop into the ideal dog for their owner, whilst having fun too. The social side of things will help you too and your dog’s will form firm friendships with many different people and their dogs. Come and join us soon. #thewalkaboutway


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