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Recalls- what do you say?

Continuing the theme about words used to train your dog.

There are many different words people use and as long as your dog knows what it means then what does it matter?

But if you just call their name, and say nothing else, then what happens?

If you say “come along”when asking them to walk by your side, what word do you use to get them back.

What if you use a different word every time? Consistency is the key to teaching our dogs.

If they keep coming back to you and you ignore them, then when you do need them back, do you think they will do?

I know our older dogs should know, but it is nice to acknowledge that they got it right, after all we all love a bit of praise dont we?

So let’s hear what words you use and if it helps you get your dog back. if you need help please get in touch with me soon.


Jan Sims
Jan Sims
Mar 30, 2022

Same for us either Marty here or Marty come, can still ignore till 3rd/4th call though struggling to correct that.


Unknown member
Mar 30, 2022

The words I use to get mishka to get her back for recall is : mishka here or mishka come. X

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