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So you want to be a dog trainer?

Our Walkabout Training Academy reopens again in April and we are now inviting people to apply to join.

This exclusive course is expensive but does offer you the opportunity to learn with the best. Over many years, we have shared our knowledge with dog owners and trainers and this is all tied together in a course with plenty of back up, support and information. Your tutor is a fully qualified scentwork trainer and judge which she combines with many years as obedience instructor. As a dog owner she has competed in working trials, agility and obedience, Using her knowledge, Walkabout was one of the first companies to use dogs to teach other dogs how to behave and this expanded to help and support many rescue groups. Working abroad and in the UK, you can be sure that our knowledge is constantly being updated, but we find that the best teachers are the dogs themselves. Having lived with over 30 GSD's and many other types of dogs, this gives a great base to start but each dog we meet will teach us something new - and that's the fun of it all - the dog hasn't read your book or watched the TV programme.

Applications are open now.

Tell us why we should invite you to join our Academy as there are limited placements


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