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Spring is on its way

Over the past few days we have seen a change in Buddy. He is becoming more assertive and less likely to take any stick from his brother. This is perfectly normal for a 10 month old puppy but it is interesting that he’s not the only one.

I am privileged to be able to work with a number of similar aged dogs and they are all showing the same attitudes. Some of the slightly older dogs are coming on really strong and answering their owners back. Humping everything and generally being a menace. Girls as well as boys are challenging their owners patience and the comment is the same “he’s/she’s forgotten everything I taught “. They haven’t really but they are being driven by their hormones and spring is coming !

You only have to listen to the birds singing and see the daffodils blooming to give us hope that spring is just around the corner. There’s more light in the sky in the morning and afternoon lasts a bit longer, to know that winter is fading and although I expect we will see more cold days, hopefully sunshine will make us feel better. The young animal living in your home, is driven by a natural urge and although many of us will have our dogs neutered, they are driven by the seasons, the scents and smells of spring, and autumn by the way, so be prepared.

It’s a good thing to know you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just your pup growing up but this is when you have to rethink what you do with them. Be a bit more creative and more fun to be with.

At our 121 sessions, I work with owners to help them find their dogs on/off switch. We learn what to do and then you can join a group to practice safely. This should give you confidence to handle your dog when out and about.

Here are 5 ways to get better focus from your young dog :

  1. Put your phone away and play ball/tug with them. Focus on them will get them doing the back to you.

  2. Find a toy that you can take with you on your walk and stop occasionally and play with your dog and the toy.

  3. Plan your walk - not the route so much as what you are doing with your dog. Think of an exploration or adventure for them

  4. Make time to get your dog to check in with you before letting them go off to play.

  5. Do at least 10minutes training every walk. Be fun and have your rewards ready - remember that they need to use their brains to tire them out.

If you want to learn some new ways to keep your teenage dog behaving well, then why not get in touch.


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