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Team building in a tank

Well yesterday we went to the tank Museum in Bovington to find out more about Stuart’s father. He was a tank commander and we wanted to find the tanks he was in charge of. Mind boggling that the men involved could work so closely in such cramped spaces. There were quotes everywhere but the one that stuck was “I have forgotten many things, but not the names of my tank crew”. Really stuck with me as I am sure it may you. The brotherhood was amazing. It seems to me that this is similar to the feeling our dogs must have for us. To many of us, they are a family member but to our dogs

we are their world. They trust us to make the right decisions and keep them safe. But can you imagine how they must feel if their owner is stressed out 🥺. We know that they are great stress busters but maybe we need to take a minute and think how it affects them. Maybe giving your dog a walk or anything fun is the answer to your stress as well helping your dog. Need help then please join us on Sunday morning at Queen Elizabeth Country Park for a training session like no other.

Book your place now at and join us this weekend.


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