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Teenage Tearaway Pups

Okay so you got a brand-new puppy back at beginning of lockdown back in March and now look what you’ve got young adolescent dog – a teenage tearaway? All that training that you did online or maybe got some help from a local trainer doesn’t seem to be helping. According to the BBC recently many of the local charities are reporting that fact there is very few dogs available because people are now resorting to selling their puppies to try and regain some finance because they are so hard to cope with. How sad is that? But I do understand. We have all been under so much pressure over the past months, and then we have the new dog causing havoc!

· Everytime you go out to walk him or her, they run off.

· Causes mayhem and jumps up at other people and dogs.

· Generally ignoring you?

· Barking at everything?

· Never settles in the house, always on the move and maybe grabbing stuff?

· Won’t come when called?

· Chewing things they haven’t before and generally under your feet?

Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of the teenager. The adolescent young dog who has hormones surging through their bodies and is rebelling. The good news is that it doesn’t last as long as when we were that age, but you do need to do something– your dog is telling you that!

Here are a few ideas to help on my website to help you

But I recognise that sometimes you need extra help – so why not check out my training packages Dog Training packages and events page and see what you would like to join. We can work in my secure field and you can find out what to teach your dog to restore the calm. Private lessons don’t need to be expensive, but they do need to work for you, so each session is designed around you and your dog. Don’t forget we have a new Saturday social starting soon which is designed around the idea of a youth club – so some structure and also ways to entertain and keep dogs focused – check the start dates on our diary.


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