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Watch the heat when you’re driving

We went out for a trip yesterday to see an old friend and had a lovely few hours in the sunshine.

What really surprised me was the number of dogs out and about with their owners when it was really quite a warm afternoon and they were all being walked on hot pavements 😞

I just hope that no one had sore paws afterwards and there was plenty of nice cold water for them when they returned to the car.

Speaking of cars, with the future heat promised this weekend, it is worth considering if taking dogs out in this heat is wise? The air conditioning doesn’t always reach the boot if that’s where your dog is travelling. If you are stuck in traffic and the sun is beating down on your back window, it can quickly get very hot. You can buy shades for the windows can help but do be careful. Of course you should never leave your dog in a car when you’re not there but do think about when your stationary and maybe if you’re unsure, leave your dog at home.

Other things to consider:

Cold fresh water and a bowl for your dog

Wet towels or you can get cool mats for them to lie on

Fresh air - you can buy electric fans as well as open the windows

Your actual route you are taking - check for traffic problems

Park your car in the shade

Maybe a busy seaside beach is not the place for a hot and fractious dog?

What else can you think of?

Whatever you do, make sure you are prepared and enjoy your time with your family companion.


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