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I have been a dog trainer for over 30years and during that time I have trained over 10,000 dogs

Many of these dog owners have returned to me with their second, third or even fourth dog and I know how important it is for people to remember their dogs.

I have had over 30 Gsds and have always planted a rose to remember each of them.

With the ongoing campaign of fighting climate change and loving trees I suggested to my owners that planting a tree was a lovely idea to remember and give back to future dogs to enjoy.

Working as I do with dog owners who use the secure dog walking fields, I came up with the idea of asking field owners to plant trees at their fields.

We use this field most days for our own dogs and so suggested to Robert Brown of Paw Paddock, here in Donnington if it was an idea he would like to support. He immediately agreed and has generously donated the trees and the land.

We asked owners to make a donation to our just giving page to support this with all contributions going straight to the Woodland Trust and this has raised nearly £300.

Check out our web page with some lovely photos of past dogs

Why not visit the field and see the trees


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