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We need professional help

We have been busy here at 63 Old Idsworth. Following storm Evert, Stuart found that 3 of the little house martins had fallen out of their nest which was situated just above our bedroom window of the cottage. He quickly picked them up and popped into a cardboard box to keep them warm. He taped it onto the bedroom windowsill outside, in the hope that the parents would find them, but it wasn’t to be. As Stuart has done this before, he then proceeded to feed these tiny things a couple of times until some good friends popped them down to the local sanctuary for professional care. We knew we couldnt look after them and so asked for professional help. We are looking forward to an update soon – but fingers crossed they will make it. Such wonderful birds that find their way all the way to the southern hemisphere to avoid our winters but apparently return to the nests the following year – amazing isn’t it?

Here is a photo of the little ones and remember, if you need professional help with your dog, then don’t hesitate to ask. We have been privileged to work with over 12000 dogs and their owners but more importantly, have lived with over 30 German Shepherds and had many other breeds live with us for holidays and training, so do understand. When we had 9 dogs living with us, it was hard work and not something I would suggest that you copied us, but did teach us a lot about dog behaviour, dog communication and how best to help you. Get in touch today if you would like to chat through what your dog is up to and how you can help them.

Our baby house martins have fallen out of their nest
We need professional help


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