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What to do on a soggy wet day

Guess what its #nationalsockday on Friday 4th December and so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you a little game I was introduced to by a client a few years ago.

On days like today and there is more promised, we need to find ways to help our dogs get some mental exercise indoors.  Yes we can teach them to find things, hide n seek is a great fun game, but why not join in the sock monster game?

Firstly, you need to find some old socks come on you have some in that drawer and also if you have a a couple of old flannels or a tea towel you can cut up?  You are going to make some toys for you dog to play with you.

Now you need to start by using some of the flannel or tea towel as stuffing and then you tie one sock to another.  If you have any soft toys you may like to include them.  For an outdoor toy, maybe include a ball in the sock or an old ragger!  Get creative and make some strange shapes.  

Next we are going to play with our dog - keep the excitement down but encourage them to play with you - in the end they want to be with you.  When you finish, dont let them have the toy - remove it and  put it away.  When you want to start again, then bring out the toy and play again.  

Come on then - lets see some photos of your sock monsters and your dogs playing with them. And don’t forget the snuffle mats and balls - a great way to tire your dog out and relax 😀. Find out more about sniffing and sprinkles here.

Have fun with your dog and what better way to use up all those old lonely socks?


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