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When did you last play?

So when did you last play with your dog. I mean really play?

Are you your dog’s best friend

Do you know your dog’s favourite toy or treats? What is their biggest turn on?

If you want your dog to work for you and by that I mean come back when called. Loose lead walking etc. Then payment is required. That can be a game with their favourite toy or species treat We work for money and they work for their dinner. Now I know that you can’t filling them with treats but you get the idea. It’s should be a win win for both of you. Over do it and it’s not a great but you will find it so much easier to get your dog want to be with you and listen to you especially if you play with them . Spend some time with them and enjoy each other’s company after all that’s why you got a dog isn’t it?

Want to learn how ? Well that’s what our lifeskills classes are all about. Join us this Sunday and have fun together.


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