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Why did you get a dog?

It’s been a question I have been asking a lot over the last few weeks. So I thought I would ask it out loud.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t answer it myself especially as as I have had 33 dogs so far in my life despite the fact that I couldn’t have one as a child. So my first dog came along within a year of my first marriage. Sam was a rescue Labrador and I made every mistake I could when he came into our life. He didn’t stay long as he was too strong for me with no knowledge but our second rescue lived with us all his life. His name was Barney and he taught me a lot.

So why did I rescue? It must have been something that I needed to do - I always wanted to help, teach and support and this seemed a great way to do it. My husband had lived with a dog but I hadn’t so that was a steep learning curve. Each dog we have had, has taught us more and more but mostly about patience. After a house break in where my dog was hurt, I decided I would never just have 1 dog so along came Candy. Not sure how I got to 9 all at one time🤣but 33 dogs later, I like to think I have helped a little and learnt a lot.

Living in a pack and working with all types of dogs has helped me with all my clients and their dogs. I know they need to have the teaching methods but also they need support. I like to think that they are reassured that others have been there too. Knowing that it isn’t just them or their dog does help and encourages them not to give up.

So why do we get a dog?

Companionship - can’t be beaten can it?

Fulfils a need - replacement child maybe?

Exercise mate - running, Cani cross

Reason to get out - we meet people when dog walking

New hobby - agility, obedience, trials, scentwork, flyball

Service dog - guide dog, support dog

Wanted to help a scared dog

The kids wanted one🤔

It needed a home😲

There are many reasons why but maybe my next blog should be about what they give us Over to you - please tell me why you got your first dog and all about them.


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