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Your next cardboard box challenge

This one involves several 📦 boxes

Try and get your dog to help you search them. First lay them out - maybe 4 or 5 and hide their toy in it. After several goes they should be able to do this on command.

Now stack them up on top of each other and send your dog to find their toy. Move the toy up and down but keep it in the same box just move the box.

Finally change the box that the toy is in. Can they find it now?

What happens if you add more boxes?

Have fun and also think about where you put the boxes. Against the wall? Maybe next to the curtains or sofa? If you put them near to different surfaces, the scent is either stronger or weaker. See if you can find out what is best and always end up with a fun easy find.

What to do Next:

If you haven’t already why not also check out the scentwork beginners course? This is a 7 day programme and perfect to keep your dog focused on sniffing and therefore release endorphins to make them feel better. Check out the link here:


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