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Dogs from the Liss and Petersfield area now have the chance of exclusive adventure walks

Using a Home Office approved vehicle to offer safety and security, working dogs and those with lots of energy can join Homefield Dogs for regular adventures with their pals.

Steve Morrison, 37, who runs Homefield Dogs, told me that he was aware that not all dogs needed the same type of walk and those dogs who had high drive needed more than just a walk. Using his experience gained whilst growing up around the farms and the shoots of Cambridgeshire, he now offers these specialist dogs the opportunity to join his adventure series of walks.

Homefield Dogs can offer working dogs, a selection of over 15 different walks with a group of like-minded dogs. After a 30-minute meet and greet walk, Steve carefully selects the dogs to travel together in his purpose-built vehicle to the chosen venue of the day. What follows is sheer delight for the dogs. A bespoke premium adventure and a chance for a good old sniff, some searching and if need be some training making sure your dog goes home tired and enriched. Naturally all dogs are cleaned down and left in an agreed place at home waiting for your return.

Steve told me that after nearly 16 years working in a corporate life, he knew how difficult it is to ensure the family dog has a fulfilled life, especially those who are working breeds. Their high drive can lead to boredom and with that comes chaos and frustration. These dogs need more than a park walk and it’s not fair for them to have to walk with the quieter dogs. Homefield Dogs is filling that niche.

So, if you have the type of dog that deserves a good adventure with the specialists then why not get in touch. They can also offer a 1:1 support package so if you need that extra help whilst you are away from home, be sure to speak to Steve who lives with his wife Louisa in Liss.

He tells me that after moving back from Malta in 2014, where they had been working, they had not been able to have a dog because of their busy frantic life of commuting. Now having changed direction, and because he understands the pressure dog owners are under, he is keen to help them by caring for dogs whilst their owners are away from home. Apparently nearly half the working dogs don’t get the right exercise for their breed and attitude so Homefield Dogs is here to help.

At our Walkabout Dog Training Academy, we teach how to enjoy your dogs the best way possible, by playing with them. Doing games and patterns to establish and maintain the bond. As a dog trainer for over 30 years, I have been privileged to be asked to help many clients. So often the main problem is that the dog is bored, and they run off because they are looking for something to do. Think of the teenager we all hear about. If they are bored what do they do? They get into trouble. It’s the same for our bored working dogs- a quick run in the park and no interaction and they will be off. A lot of these dogs are then put on leads and the frustration builds into aggression. Now we have a lunging dog, pulling to get away and release some of that energy. We offer classes on Sunday mornings and Homefield Dogs aim to fill that gap in the day for your dog, when work gets in the way. For details of classes, contact me at the website.

Just a quick warning that to ensure that every dog has the adventure they deserve, numbers are limited so I would get in touch soon. You wouldn’t want to deny your dog the chance of joining, would you? Get in touch today and see the difference in your dog in just a few days. Contact today.


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