Teenage dogs are great fun but often a challenge to their owners.


They are pushing back against our rules, the hormones are flooding through their bodies and they know best. A bit like all adolescent animals really. It is often the time when owners find they cannot cope. Many rescues report that this is the age most dogs come in for rehoming. Personally, it’s the age I love to rescue, and I have rescued well over 20 dogs. Owners report that their perfect family companion has turned into the devil. Chewing everything on site, not listening to anything you say and even growling or snapping. Why? We often hear? What did I do wrong? Usually nothing to be honest, but sometimes you just took your eye of the ball. Your perfect puppy did everything right, so you relaxed. Those rules you had when the puppy first arrived, are you still sticking to them? Or have things relaxed as pup learnt how to wrap you around their paws. Did you fall in love and give in? Don’t worry we all fall into this trap and even if nothing like this happened, teenagers still rebel! What to do? Here are my six tips to help:

· Start back at the beginning- get your dog to listen to you. Try the five-steps-to-success-on-a-dog-walk

· Keep training short. 10 minutes blocks at a time and finish off with a positive.

· Keep your rules. Write them down again- in fact why not keep a diary so you can keep check on everyones progress

· Make it fun - a walk should be an adventure with you not something they go off and do on their own

· Find new things to do: Teach them new things like scentwork or agility and obedience skills.

· Don’t give up but don’t challenge either - get clever and find things they love to do.

Find out more here at my dog-training page and then let me know how you get on.

There is always the opportunity to book a 121 session with myself and Skye and we offer discounts for block bookings. Over three hours, of private training, you will be surprised just how much we can achieve. Why not take advantage of the discounts offered and book some sessions in with me over the Christmas holidays. Our regular fee for 121’s is £125 but Christmas means we can offer this at just £85 or three sessions for just £195. Check out the website for more details or to get in touch.

Find out more here at my dog-training page and then let me know how you get on.

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