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Time - how much do you have?

I am continuing my quest to look at time. We all seem to have so little of it. We get up late, grab a coffee to get us going and then rush here and there often being late. Yet if we had got up five minutes earlier maybe we could have taken longer and not rushed.

Okay so what’s wrong with being late? Well it creates stress and that’s not really healthy is it? Stress is only useful when trying to escape a threat. It is fuelled by the adrenaline of cave men times to save us from the sabre tooth tiger who wanted a meal. And although in some cases we need some, it does seem as though it is becoming the norm. This puts pressure on us and we need more time to do the things we need to do.

Many of my clients tell me that they were going to join me earlier than they did but ran out of time. I am beginning to wonder if we should reorganise our lives. Make more time for what we want to do. Get our priorities straight.

I am willing to bet that we can find that extra time without too much difficulty and then maybe we can write that book, draw or paint that picture or train the dog. Then when the dog is trained, you will have more time and more fun with them as they get more freedom. So next time you walk your dog, spend some time interacting with them.

Don’t just walk the dog, play with him or her, challenge them to do things with you. Make it an adventure for you both. Want some ideas? Join me for an adventure at the South Downs National park and have fun together. Take time out to enjoy each other and you will be surprised how much fun it can be.


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